Dr. Ian Gorton guest edits IEEE Software issue on Big Data

Dr. Ian Gorton guest edits IEEE Software issue on Big Data

IEEE SoftwareDr. Ian Gorton, our Director of Computer Science at Northeastern University–Seattle, served as guest editor of this month’s IEEE Software, discussing Software Engineering for Big Data Systems.

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Excerpt: The scale of contemporary Internet-based systems, along with their growth rate, is daunting. Data repositories are growing exponentially, and new datacenters hosting tens of thousands of machines are being built around the world to store, process, and analyze this data. Societal change driven by these systems has been immense in the last decade, and the rate of innovation will only grow. We’ve truly entered the era of big data.

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ABSTRACT: Software engineering for big data systems is complex and faces challenges including pervasive distribution, write-heavy workloads, variable request loads, computation-intensive analytics, and high availability. The articles in this theme issue examine several facets of this complicated puzzle.

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