Align Master’s student Heather Fryling shares her transition to tech

Align Master’s student Heather Fryling shares her transition to tech

Heather Fryling is a former naturopathic doctor and Washington State native who found the Align Master of Science in Computer Science program through networking events. 

“Eventually, I decided that I wanted to transition into tech. I actually heard about the Align program at Northeastern University at a Geek Girl Conference, and that planted a little seed. Years later, I ran into Kelsey from Northeastern at a Women in Tech event, and here I am.”

Designed for non-technical students

Fryling is a current student at the Khoury College of Computer Sciences Align program in Seattle which includes a two-semester transitional bridge period comprising four computer science courses, intended to prepare students from non-tech backgrounds for graduate-level coursework.

“I think I was just really engaged and motivated because I could see how well the curriculum was designed. I was learning best practices from day one so I’d have a strong foundation and begin to build towards what I really wanted to do.”

Industry experienced faculty

Students choose Northeastern University in Seattle for its industry-leading program features – most importantly its distinguished faculty who represent a wide range of professional backgrounds. 

“As far as the faculty goes, I am just perpetually blown away”, Frying said. “I feel just so privileged that I’m able to learn directly from someone who has literally generated and shaped the field of computer science.”

The experiential learning advantage

Every enrolled student can benefit from Northeastern’s world-renowned co-op program, which encompasses on-the-job learning and internship opportunities. The duration of this work experience provides students with the understanding, references, and industry know-how they need to secure their first job after graduation. 

“I think this program absolutely sets up students for success.” Describing her decision to study at Northeastern’s Khoury College in Seattle, Fryling said. “The reason I chose Northeastern over other schools was because of the emphasis on co-ops, internships, and practical learning on the job.”

Why choose Northeastern’s Seattle campus?

The evergreen city of Seattle is one of the tech capitals of the world and is home to some of the most successful organizations in the industry. Attending the program in an area where tech work is buzzing adds to the overall experience for students. 

As Fryling recalls, “Speaking directly to the Seattle campus and what I love about it – Honestly, I love the location. I love being in the middle of South Lake Union, surrounded by the energy of tech workers.”

Being in the bustling technology worker-rich and beautiful neighborhood of South Lake Union provides the experience students are after both while studying and beyond.

To conclude, Fryling stated, “You can really see what you’re aiming for walking down the street every day and it’s really, really inspiring.”

The demand for individuals to break into tech is growing, with tech workers in Seattle earning a median average wage of $120K. To help fill this need Northeastern’s Khoury College in Seattle offers the Align Master of Science in Computer Science to individuals from non-tech backgrounds.

The program prepares students for a highly promising career in the exciting world of technology. If you can see yourself becoming an Align student like Fryling, please visit the Computer Science Align program page.

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