South Lake Union is Seattle’s Best Place to Learn STEM: Top 5 Reasons Why

South Lake Union is Seattle’s Best Place to Learn STEM: Top 5 Reasons Why


When it comes to tech in Seattle, the center is located in South Lake Union. As its name suggests, it lies on the southern tip of Lake Union (a natural freshwater body) bordering downtown Seattle. Since 2013, Northeastern University has called this vibrant IT-rich neighborhood, full of delightful sips, bites, and sites, home. As the opportunities in South Lake have grown, so too has our campus.

Held previously by the likes of Amazon and UW Medicine, Northeastern University Seattle has proudly been voted as Good Neighbor of the Year by the South Lake Union Chamber for 2021, gaining recognition for our community involvement, leadership in the field, and reputation. Operating in an up-and-coming area has been beneficial to our alumni’s careers and has helped provide a strong backdrop for our experiential learning model. Let’s explore 5 reasons why Northeastern University in Seattle’s beautiful location is not only one to love, but one to start your career in.

  1.     Growing Tech Hub

With tech giants the likes of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and more, Seattle is never short on exciting positions for new STEM graduates to explore.  Seattle has been consistently ranked #1 city for STEM professionals in the United States. For those considering a career in tech, the future of Seattle’s STEM industry is brighter than ever.

As we continue to explore the possibilities of our diverse and cutting-edge location, we are inspired and motivated by the ambitious goals of our community, students, and dedicated staff. For students looking to explore new career opportunities, we’re glad to share that Seattle is in the top 5 list of best cities to start a career.

  1.     Networking Opportunities

Northeastern University’s location on South Lake Union’s Terry Ave allows both students and faculty to explore networking in ways unlike other campuses. Informal networking can happen at the local cafes, where students can get to know our tech-leader neighbors.

We also offer networking events through our career development team, ranging from on-campus industry panels to full conferences like the Women in Tech (Regatta) 2022. Experiential learning is central to all Northeastern programs and with Seattle’s unique tech scene, our students have unparalleled opportunities for internships, co-ops, and projects.

  1.     Diverse Tech Talent

As a tech hub within a tech hub, the South Lake Union neighborhood is thriving and growing, with companies continuing to take root as they search for the freshest, brightest talent. As the opportunities in Seattle expand, local industry looks to attract the best global talent by cultivating a diverse workforce.

Northeastern University supports students from all areas of the county, and the globe, as they look to join the thriving tech scene. We provide the knowledge, skills, and connections to students from a variety of backgrounds that they need to shine in their careers.

  1.     Walking Accessibility

Students can explore all the South Lake Union neighborhood has to offer with ease. Walking through the now bustling neighborhood you’ll discover scenic parks and diverse cultural pockets, sprinkled with an abundance of cafes, bars, and restaurants to suit all tastes.

Great news for the health-conscious is that Seattle has been dubbed the second healthiest city in the United States. What’s more, students living in the South Lake Union neighborhood enjoy an impressive 94 walkability score, easily reaching destinations for grocery shopping and recreation, all a stone’s throw away from campus.

  1.     Transit Connectivity

Northeastern University in Seattle brings students close to industry professionals and the happenings downtown. Well-connected by public transit, including buses, street cars, trains, and electric bike and scooter rentals, this convenient location presents numerous ways of exploring the Emerald City and all it has to offer.

Want to learn more about Northeastern University’s South Lake Union location?  Find out about our local experiential-focused programs offered at our Seattle campus here.

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