Master of Science in Security and Resilience Studies

Program Format
Application Deadlines
Credits Required for Graduation
32 Semester Hours


Be ready to face growing national challenges. Gain skills in security and resilience studies from local leaders in homeland security, emergency management, non-profit, and government industries. Become an agile and resilient innovator in any field you choose in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Security and resilience studies is an emerging field of inquiry that focuses on how global, national, and subnational actors manage a range of chronic transnational challenges that can be destabilizing to societies such as terrorism, organized crime, weapons proliferation, cyberattacks, bioterrorism, climate change and catastrophic disasters, migration, and radicalization.

This program integrates security studies with cutting-edge education to ensure that key systems promote societal resilience. Students can deepen their knowledge in fields such as cyberspace policy, counterterrorism, infrastructure protection, urban resilience, and risk management. The combination of a unique academic curriculum and experiential education—all taught by top academics and experts in the security industry—provides students with a multidisciplinary approach to addressing these important issues.

General Requirements

Required Core
POLS 7341 – Security and Resilience Policy

Core Electives
Complete 8 semester hours from the following:
Note: Students may take either POLS 7346 or PPUA 7346, but not both.

CRIM 7200 – Criminology 3.00
POLS 7343 – Counterterrorism
POLS 7346 – Resilient Cities
PPUA 7346 – Resilient Cities
POLS 7369 – International Security
POLS 7441 – Cyberconflict
PPUA 5390 – Special Topics in Public Policy and Urban Affairs
CY 5010 – Foundations of Information Assurance

Research Methods
Complete 4 semester hours from the following:

CRIM 7404 – Research Methods and Statistics
INSH 6300 – Research Methods in the Social Sciences
POLS 7201 – Research Design
PPUA 6205 – Research Design and Methodology in Urban and Regional Policy
SOCL 7211 – Research Methods

Capstone Options
Choose one of the following options in consultation with faculty advisor and program director.

POLS 7980 – Capstone Project
PPUA 7673 – Capstone in Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Elective Themes

Electives are organized to allow students to think thematically. Complete 12 semester hours.

  • Administration, Management, and Policy
  • Counterterrorism and Conflict Studies
  • Cybersecurity Policy
  • Resilient Cities
  • Criminal Justice

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We live in a world of increasing transnational risks, systemic vulnerabilities, and environmental challenges.

Our Master of Science in Security and Resilience Studies program provides skills in data analysis, leadership, and systemic thinking to help the next generation of leaders build organizations, communities, and societies that can withstand forthcoming challenges.

We have seen great success in placing students in a number of security and resilience related industries. Some of our alumni are now working at CyberSheath Services International, LLC, Massachusetts Port Authority, Volpe Center, and the UnitedHealth Group.