Health and Wellness

Throughout your time at Northeastern, you may experience times that impact your health and success. The health and wellness resources listed on this page, support students in various ways. From individual mental health support to workshops and self-guided learning tools, these resources are available to Northeastern students wherever you are.

On-Campus Support

1:1 Sessions with Wellness Program Specialist

Feeling stressed out? Overwhelmed? Low mood? Unmotivated? Or navigating a challenge with faculty, roommates, a relationship, or family?

Wellness Events and Workshops at Northeastern in Seattle

Weekly Bollywood Dance classes (Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:15PM) and Yoga, Movement, Relaxation classes (Thursdays 4:30 – 5:15PM) do not require pre-registration. Both are offered in-person on-campus (Hope classroom, 110, on 1st floor), as well as virtually (one time registration required for virtual classes). For yoga we have mats for you.

You can find more wellness workshop and events information on events page.

Wellness Partner Programs

Moving Meditation Yoga Class with DATZA on Tuesdays, 6:05 PM – 7:05 PM at EVEN Hotels Courtyard, register here.


Enjoy the following savings from local businesses in the area:

  • 24 Hour Fitness
    • $20 monthly membership, $49.99 one-time maintenance fee billed 50 days after signing up, access to pool is free with membership.
    • Private swim lessons available (email [email protected]) for more information and details.
    • You can try the gym for 3 days FREE.
    • To get discount you must go in-person.
      • Show your NU ID.
      • Show image of this business card (must be logged in through NU to access this).
  • Flow Fitness
    • 30-day trial membership for $30.
    • 20% discount for NU students for regular monthly membership after trial.
    • Located right near campus.
  • Cyclebar
    • First ride free (if this is expired try first ride for $5). New rider three classes for $29 offer with promo code 3FOR29 (on website).
    • Discounted student rate (in-studio only) of $149 on our monthly renewing unlimited membership (usually priced at $179 so about a $30 or 20% monthly savings). Come by the front desk after class or call at 206-402-6528.
    • Specific to NU students, 20% discount on our class packages (not applicable to the monthly renewing unlimited membership). Use promo code NUCYCLEBAR applied at checkout on the website.

Wellness Room

We have a small wellness room located on the 4th floor of our 225 building.

  • Utilize it if you are feeling overwhelmed, need some time to yourself, or want to do a personal practice like meditation or prayer.
  • The room can be booked here.
    • Choose 225 as your building and then 4th floor.
    • The room does require a key for entry that you need to get at the front desk.

Health Insurance and Medical Leave

Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP)

NUSHP is available to students studying in the United States.

Medical Leave of Absence

  • At times you may encounter medical or mental health problems that interfere with your ability to continue academic work.
  • A Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) is an option to consider when a student is diagnosed with a major medical illness, injury, or psychiatric illness, after the start of the term that significantly interferes with their ability to attend classes and complete requirements.

Mental Health

Spiritual Advising

Spiritual advisors can support students on many issues including:

  • Grappling with questions of personal identity and/or vocation and career direction.
  • Managing and balancing stress.
  • Searching for and discovering or making meaning in life.
  • Exploring spiritual, theological, philosophical questions.
  • Building and healing relationships – with family, roommates, friends, co-workers.
  • Wrestling with a text or teaching from a religious tradition.
  • Cultivating personal well-being.

When setting up a session you can request to connect with a SA that is affiliated with a specific faith or one that is more secular mindfulness based.

[email protected]

Mental health support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any location by calling [email protected]: 877.233.9477 (in the U.S.), +1.781.457.7777 (outside the U.S.).

  • Find will immediately connect you with a mental health clinician who can provide in-the-moment support and recommendations for next steps.
  • Students have access to a variety of services including referrals to unlimited free therapy.
  • Access to the Headspace app, a self-guided app that can help manage everyday stress through videos, courses sleep stories, relaxing music, nourishing movement, and techniques to reframe anxiety.
  • Access to SilverCloud, a digital on-demand mental health and well-being platform provides students with customized strategies to manage depression, anxiety, sleep issues, stress, resilience, and more.  Several sessions are available in both Spanish and English.


University Health and Counseling Services and the Office of Prevention and Education at Northeastern, offer asynchronous and synchronous workshops to our global campuses. Ranging from mental health, stress and distress to sexual violence, consent, bystander intervention and resilience.

Active Minds

A student group that strives to reduce the stigmas associated with mental health disorders and to encourage conversation about mental health.

  • It is an educational tool and liaison which advocates for students and brings about general awareness through meetings and programming.
  • Phone: +1.781.686.6903 | Email:[email protected] | Insta: @activemindsatnu.

Additional Resources

Northeastern’s global campuses are in bustling cities with many mental health, physical health, and emergency services available.

  • These resources can be accessed through local transit and accept a variety of health insurances.
  • We recommend that, when possible, you call the facility prior to going, to make an appointment and learn about their policies, procedures, and standards of care.
  • Explore Seattle Resources

Additional Local Resources of Seattle Campus:

Urgent Care:

Local Support Groups:



Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence:

Asian Counseling and Referral Service:

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Support:

Sexual Health:

Eating Disorders: