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Ace your Technical Interview using STAR

3:30 PM - 5 PM PT225 - 112 Event Space

For Northeastern Huskies – This workshop will focus on providing tips and strategies on how students can prepare for technical interviews. Students will have the opportunity to practice answering behavioral questions using the STAR method. We will also invite a hiring manager from Amazon to be present to provide feedback....
Networking in the U.S. can be quite different from how it looks in your home country. At this practical and interactive GLS workshop designed for global learners, we will discuss the necessary tools to establish, build, and maintain a solid network. Come learn the fundamentals of networking, why small talk...
Join GLS as we explore the rich history and artistry of Indigenous tattooing of the Northwest coast. We will learn about Indigenous tattoo practitioners and those who wear the visual language of their ancestors on their bodies. We’ll also stop by Off the Rez to try some traditional frybread. Tickets...

Meet the Campus

7 pm - 8 pm PTOnline

All prospective students can join local Northeastern Seattle staff in student affairs, global learner support, and career development to learn about the Seattle campus. Hear about campus resources, extracurricular activities, COVID-19 protocols, student groups, tutoring, and more. Register here

Experience Seattle City

7 pm - 8 pm PTOnline

Many of Northeastern’s Seattle students are living in the city (and the U.S.) for the first time. Join Seattle staff for the Experience Seattle City webinar to learn more about the city from those who live here. We are excited to take you on a virtual tour of the city...

Happy 10th Anniversary

4 PM - 7 PM PT225 Terry Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

Our campus turns 10 in 2023! Kick off a new term, new year, and new NU decade in Seattle with the whole campus community! Register here