New Students

Welcome to Northeastern University in Seattle!

The Greater Seattle Metro Area is home to nearly 4 million people. Known as the Emerald City, Seattle is nestled between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges; lakes, rivers, and waterways to the Pacific Ocean; and misty evergreen forests. Home to Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks, and more, the region is a leading center for advanced technology. Northeastern University’s Seattle Campus can be found in the heart of South Lake Union, Seattle’s most well-known neighborhood for tech and innovation.

We hope you find the below initial information helpful as you prepare to begin your graduate studies. You will be receiving much more information as you near your program start date, so be sure to keep an eye on your Northeastern email account. If you have any questions, please contact Student Affairs. If you would like to connect with a current student you may also reach out to the current Campus Ambassador.

Check out the New Student Welcome Guide!

New Student Information

The following is important information for you to know before you begin your graduate program at Northeastern Seattle. Please read this information carefully and take any appropriate action (if needed). Otherwise, we hope that your plans to attend are coming along smoothly, and we look forward to meeting you on the Seattle campus.

Set Up Your myNortheastern Account

Get familiar with your Student Hub account. Most functions and services related to your academic experience at Northeastern (i.e. course registration, your course schedule, student accounts, etc.) are available through your Student Hub. Also use the Hub to access your student email account.

Managing Your Email to Receive Important Communications

It is important that you get into the habit of logging into your Hub to check your new Northeastern provided email account. Official communications from the university will always be delivered to your Northeastern email address. In addition to the Outlook platform, your Northeastern email is connected to Office 365 which provides you a whole host of powerful collaboration tools including Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint, and many more.

Health Insurance

Northeastern University’s Student Health Plan (NUSHP), administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield, provides comprehensive health benefits at a very affordable rate. To learn more about NUSHP, and if you qualify, please visit the NUSHP website. More info will be provided in your online Seattle Campus Orientation course.

Immunization Records

The State of Washington does not require graduate students to provide their full immunization reports. Therefore, Seattle students do not need to complete the “University Health Report” that is managed through the University Health and Counseling Services.

Husky Student ID Card

All students will be required to carry their student ID card while on campus. Before your program begins, you will be asked to send in a photo to have a card created for you when you arrive on campus. For questions regarding student IDs, please email [email protected].

International Student Services

The Office of Global Services is committed to being an active resource to the university’s community of international students, scholars, and their families. OGS supports and advises students on F-1 student status, I-20 requests, and other related questions or concerns. In addition to the resources provided at, you can email the team your specific questions at [email protected]

New Student Orientation Series

Click here to access the Orientation Resource Hub

New student orientation activities will begin online in August with a Seattle Campus Orientation asynchronous online course for students in all programs. The Seattle campus is also planning on hosting Welcome Days on campus in early September for you to get your student ID card and get familiar with the physical space. A variety of orientation sessions will be offered around the start of your first term to ensure you’re set up for success.

Welcome Days

Near the start of your first term, you will receive information about Welcome Days to help you get physically oriented to the campus. Campus Ambassadors will be available to answer questions from the student perspective, and you will be able to retrieve essential campus access items, including your Student ID. Students are required to wear their Student ID at all times when on campus, so you must pick it up before you attend your first on-ground class. You will receive information on how to submit your Husky ID via your online Seattle Campus orientation course. Days and hours for Welcome Days will be announced a few weeks prior to the start of the term.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Your Student Job Opportunities?

Due to the size of our campus, on-campus student jobs are limited. The three main types of positions which are available to students are Operations support positions, ambassador positions, and teaching assistants (TAs). In most cases, students must have been on the Seattle campus at least one term before they are eligible to apply to a role.  The campus makes every effort to notify eligible students when a position is available.

What Are the Student Organizations at the Seattle Campus?

The campus supports student-led affinity groups. All students are eligible to propose and run ​a group, request funding, and host ​events on campus. Groups are supported via regular group fairs, ​campus-wide communication, and participation in campus events. In addition, the community host regular events on and off campus for the Seattle campus student body. Students are encouraged to share their ideas for events and activities with the campus ambassadors who make up the Student Leader Cohort and to apply to be a student ambassador.

What are the Housing Options in Seattle?

The Seattle campus does not have dedicated housing available for students.  We have identified some resources that have helped Seattle students in the past.  For information about local housing options in Seattle, please visit our housing webpage.

For additional questions about relocating to Seattle, please visit Relocating to Seattle.

Additional Resources

Northeastern’s Seattle campus has a multitude of resources you can use as an enrolled student. Your online Seattle Campus Orientation course on Canvas will provide comprehensive information about these resources. Additionally, for those of you who will be new to the Seattle area, please check out our Relocating to Seattle page.

Connect With Us on Social Media

Northeastern University in Seattle has social media pages for all current and incoming students. To connect with current students and see what’s happening at the Seattle campus, join our LinkedIn student group, Facebook page, Instagram page, and X (Twitter) account.

You can also start to connect with our current student community through Yammer:

  • Log into the Student Hub
  • Scroll to Conversations and Click “View All”
  • At the top of the page, search “Seattle Campus”
  • Click +Join

You are now connected with the Seattle campus community! You will receive updates from the student support teams here and you can start conversations with other students.

Tour Seattle

Visit Seattle’s official website for tourists and residents alike for fun ideas and ways to learn more about Seattle: