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Northeastern University—Seattle provides engineering students an opportunity to develop real-world experience through short-term XN projects and paid co-ops at industry leaders in the area. Our programs prepare the next generation of engineering leaders to address the complex challenges of a global society. You can pursue an experiential education in your chosen discipline with a solid foundation in technical and leadership skills.

Data Analytics

Data is transforming business and shifting workforce demands everywhere in the world. Companies are searching for qualified candidates who understand data mechanics and how to identify the insights that influence business decisions. Northeastern University—Seattle offers degrees exploring how big data is influencing businesses and teaches the practical skills of data application to a wide range of industries.

Law and Criminology

Civil & government leaders strive to implement effective management,  communication, and analytical thinking in response to issues facing society on a local, national, and global scale. Northeastern University–Seattle offers programs that provide you with the collaborative expertise needed to advance into these leadership positions. You'll be prepared to problem-solve and think creatively when addressing systemic issues.

Education and Learning

The challenges for educational institutions, government agencies, and the non-profit sector have never been greater: shifting demographics, risks in new technologies, constrained economic resources, and more. Our mission is to enable educators to make an immediate impact in their professional environments through experiential learning and our dissertation-in-practice (DiP) model.

Political Science and Security

Northeastern University—Seattle offers degree programs that provide experiential liberal arts education. Our programs integrate the highest level of scholarship across disciplinary boundaries with significant research and learning opportunities. Students access cutting-edge knowledge in the study of solutions to our contemporary world's political and social problems, forming an interdisciplinary collaborative of scholars with global perspectives.

Leadership and Management

As businesses, non-profits, and government agencies navigate through complex and changing modern challenges, the need for effective leaders and managers has never been greater. Northeastern University—Seattle offers degrees that prepare you for high-demand leadership and management roles in areas ranging from economic development, project management to international affairs and education.

Computing and IT

Northeastern University—Seattle computer science and IT degree programs and certificates prepare students to lead and innovate, helping drive the Puget Sound region's economy. From the intricacies of artificial intelligence to cybersecurity to the advancement of new software systems, we'll prepare you with the foundational knowledge, experience, and network to succeed.

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