Our Global Network

Northeastern’s network of business leaders, alumni, and students extends to thousands of organizations in more than 150 countries. Joining the network is simple: Enroll as a student or partner with the university. You will be connected to professionals and peers who will open the right doors, whether you’re starting your career or advancing it.

Industry-Aligned Programs Grounded in Experiential Learning

Northeastern’s online courses are not simply classroom-based courses pasted into the online environment. Working with learning experts and industry partners, we are the first university to create an online education model driven by cognitive science, informed by employers, and powered by experiential learning. The program includes an extra experiential dimension through collaboratively developed curricula, cooperative education placements, and corporate residencies, case studies, and special projects.

The graduate campuses are designed to meet the needs of regional industry and offer a unique blend of on-campus and online classes. Hybrid learning allows students to combine the live interaction and feeling of community that come from in-person classes with the flexibility of online learning. Grounded in Northeastern’s educational model of integrating theory with practice, our graduate programs connect course content directly to the problem-solving environment of the 21st-century workplace.

A Network of Regional Campuses, Hubs, and 3,300+ Global Partners

Seattle was the second addition to the university’s global network, which includes the flagship campus in Boston and 13 other campuses across the U.S., U.K., and Canada. This unique and powerful combination of education and research, aligned with regional and global workforce and development needs, moves higher education beyond a model that has changed little in centuries.

The university’s partnerships—through undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as faculty research collaborations—include more than 3,300 businesses and nonprofits on six continents.

The ability to attend any one of Northeastern’s campuses and find co-op positions in the regions is a real asset to many students. The knowledge hubs in each region provide new opportunities for research, experiential learning, and job opportunities.

A Global Alumni Network

Northeastern’s 255,000-plus alumni form a worldwide community of professionals and engaged citizens. The university’s 25 U.S. alumni chapters, eight international chapters, and alumni delegates in more than 80 countries keep alumni connected and serve as a resource for current students on international co-ops.

Advancing Careers

Our career services—continuously ranked in the top two nationwide by Princeton Review—offer students and alumni across our network these resources and more: connections to thousands of employers, career advising, job-search and interview preparation, and links to a multitude of online and in-person career services.