Housing in Seattle

Northeastern University does not endorse any landlord, management company, or individual list below or other materials. The list below is of websites that students have used in the area to identify housing in and around the Seattle area.

Get Started 

Looking for an apartment? Wondering what neighborhood to live in? Looking for a roommate? Living off campus can be a daunting experience. This page can help you take the steps in finding housing in Seattle.  

Northeastern Housing Database:

Use the Northeastern Housing Database to find apartment listings, rooms available, verified agencies, and potential roommates (Find the Seattle Campus dropdown). We recommend that you create a roommate profile. Be careful: If you choose to use platforms outside of our database, visit our Rental Scams page to protect yourself.

Other Apartment Listing Websites:

Steps to register and use the Housing Database: 

  1. Go to aptsearch.northeastern.edu.
  2. Click on Sign Up in the upper right-hand corner; then select Sign in with your NortheasternID. 
  3. Use your Northeastern Student Hub credentials to login. 
  4. Don’t have Northeastern credentials yet, or are a family member assisting a student? Sign up as a Guest. 

Seattle Neighborhoods

Seattle and the surrounding areas of Northeastern’s campus offer a wide variety of communities to live, each with their own personality and character. Below are the neighborhoods near Northeastern’s campus where many students live. It is important to consider proximity to campus, your rental budget, access to public transportation and type of housing (large building or multi-family home), as this will help determine your preferred neighborhood. 

Neighborhoods closest to the Seattle campus: 

  • Southlake Union
  • Capitol Hill 
  • First Hill 
  • Eastlake 
  • Queen Anne 
  • Fremont  
  • Wallingford  
  • University District  
  • Ballard 

For more information on Seattle  neighborhoods, go to https://visitseattle.org/things-to-do/neighborhoods/  or find cost comparison of average rents by neighborhood, here: offcampus.sites.northeastern.edu/rental-costs.  

Additional Housing Resources  

  • Seattle Tenant Rights and Resources – Before you rent a place, or even if you are already renting, become familiar with tenant rights and the resources specific to your city and state that are available to assist you. 
  • The Off-Campus Housing and Student Services Office (located in Boston) offer several resources that will be beneficial to your housing search.  
  • Get Started – Learn about the 4 Ps of the apartment search process. 
  • Become a Lease Genus – A lease is a binding legal contract between you (the tenant or lessee) and the landlord (lessor) learn the ins and out of a lease. 
  • How to Avoid Rental Scams 
  • International Student Resources – As international students, finding housing in a new country may seem challenging.  Off Campus Engagement and Support has developed resources to help guide you through the process