Inaugural Ed.D. Residency Weekend

Last weekend, we were very excited to welcome to campus our first cohort of candidates for our Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program.  Approximately thirty students from four states make up this cohort with backgrounds in education, engineering, business entrepreneurship, counseling, nursing and more.  

They began their studies online in early July, leading up to the past weekend as their first of four residencies. The residency weekends involve two 8-hour days of class. This quarter, the two classes in which this cohort is enrolled are: Introduction to Doctoral Studies taught by Joseph McNabb, Ph.D. and Transforming Human Systems taught by Chris Unger, Ed.D.

“Dr. McNabb and I were quite taken by the energy and enthusiasm of the 1st cohort launched in Seattle this summer.  We immediately saw that this will be an intellectually vibrant community of scholars with an eye to making a difference in each of their contexts.” – Dr. Unger

The energy for the weekend was inquisitive, investigatory, and fun. The candidates were excited about the courses and proud to be the first on-ground class we welcomed to campus; they were invigorated by Professors Unger and McNabb.

“Coming together and witnessing the rich histories of my classmates reminded me that I am not in this alone… I have found the experience thus far to be challenging, but I left this first weekend reassured that we will all be better scholar practitioners for it.”
– Brandon Rogers, student in this first Ed.D. Seattle cohort

To learn more about our Ed.D. program, please visit the website or contact Gina Takasugi at [email protected]

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