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Master of Science in Information Systems – Bridge

The Master of Science in Information Systems–Bridge (MSIS-Bridge) program prepares students with non-STEM, non-technical bachelor’s degrees to become information systems professionals. Students become problem solvers who design groundbreaking software solutions that fit within the complexities of the business world and solve the humanistic needs of the people who use them.


Domestic students entering for the 2025 academic year are eligible for a scholarship of up to 25%. This scholarship is not transferable to alternative programs of study, terms or campuses outside of Seattle, WA.

Bridge to Tech in Seattle

The Master of Science in Information Systems-Bridge program addresses the needs of the digital revolution by offering students with a bachelor’s degree in a non-STEM or non-technical field an opportunity to earn a Master of Science in Information Systems. Students join the program from over 25+ non-STEM fields, including the arts, architecture, nursing, legal, and more. After completing three core courses, students gain the engineering foundation needed to excel in the classroom and in the IT sector. 

MSIS-Bridge students are the link between business users and technologists. As industries launch into a digitized future, professionals with a clear understanding of how technology can be used to address significant societal challenges are in demand. The MSIS-Bridge program closes the gaps between business management, software engineering, and information technology to help students solve complex real-world issues in business and society. It also upskills and reskills to help individuals or businesses identify organizational skills gaps and create a tactical training plan to fill them with new skills and knowledge.

The innovative curriculum is broad and deep, helping students become problem-solvers who design groundbreaking software solutions that fit within the complexities of the business world and solve the humanistic needs of the people who use them.

Learn from Industry Experts

The many Northeastern professors and lecturers who teach in the Information Systems program represent some of the top experts in their field. Plus, a lot of our faculty hold influential positions and working relationships in some of the leading tech companies in and around the Northeastern campus regions and throughout the world.

Featured Faculty: Seattle Campus

Featured Faculty: Seattle Campus
Dr. Kal Bugrara

Dr. Kal Bugrara

Program Director- Information Systems

Dr. Kal Bugrara holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. While at the University, he focused on algorithm design and backtrack search. Dr. Bugrara is the second generation of Donald Knuth, the father of computer science, and was an advisee of Dr. Paul Purdom. Dr. Bugrara invented the COiN technique for extracting contract intelligence and new engineering techniques used for building eco-system scale applications. Additionally, he has created an advanced software engineering methodology with support java-based execution platforms for cross enterprise systems; these platforms include 1600 java classes and components.  

Dr. Bugrara has over 25 years of experience in management and technology consulting for Fortune 500 companies. He provides his clients with strategies, guidelines, analysis, and methods and tools for dealing with their business challenges.  

Dr. Kal Bugrara is an accomplished senior executive, agent of change, and entrepreneur. He has been acknowledged for his ground-breaking software engineering techniques in driving large-scale IT projects that build organizational effectiveness and propel revenue growth. Dr. Bugrara’s professional work has provided a remarkable learning experience for his graduate students, whose studies are found uniquely at the intersection of technology and business in the College of Engineering at Northeastern University.  

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Ramkumar Hariharan, PhD

Ramkumar Hariharan, PhD

Director of College of Engineering Programs in Seattle and Full-Time Faculty

Role at Northeastern: Ramkumar Hariharan, Ph.D., is Data Science Engineering Faculty and the Inaugural Director of College of Engineering Programs in the Seattle Campus. Ram’s research is at the nexus of Artificial Intelligence and Geroscience.

Professional Background: Previously, he was the Head of Applied Artificial Intelligence at Macro-Eyes, Inc, and led a globally diverse team of data scientists. Prior to that, Ram was a Senior Data Scientist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, building novel AI applications to drive biomedical discoveries using large image and genomic datasets. Ram has also worked with biomedical big data at both the Hood-Price Laboratory at the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle and at the Promislow Lab at the University of Washington.


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What our Students Say

I have the confidence and the toolkits that I can use for my future employment. You do not wait until graduation; you learn something, and then can you can test yourself on co-op… which is extremely important.

-Archil Lelashvili, MS 2022, Information Systems

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping such an informative [workshop] session for the IS-Bridge students. We are learning a lot of new things and we are meeting new people and learning from their experiences.

-Sachin Pawar, MS 2024, IS Bridge

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