Master of Professional Studies in Analytics

Program Format
Application Deadlines
Winter 2024:

Domestic application deadline: December 18. 2023
International in-country application deadline: December 11. 2023
International out-of-country application deadline: November 6, 2023
Start Date: January 8, 2024
Credits Required for Graduation

Program Description

Northeastern University-Seattle offers a Master of Professional Studies in Analytics with concentrations in Statistical Modeling and Evidence-Based Management, so you’re ready to become a data expert. By coupling technical skills with experience-powered learning, you’ll be prepared to work in the Pacific Northwest’s thriving technical, non-profit, and corporate industries.

With the proliferation of data across all sectors of the global economy, there is an immediate need for individuals to be knowledgeable in how to harness this data for continuous analysis and study. This spectrum spans from commercial to nonprofit, from higher education to government and is constantly expanding with new sectors, as data mining becomes the standard for knowledge gathering in the digital age.

The master’s in analytics helps to meet the demand from employers with a graduate program that provides students with an end-to-end analytics education through a core curriculum with integrated experiential learning opportunities. The program prepares students with a deep understanding of the mechanics of working with data (i.e., its collection, modeling, and structuring) along with the capacity to identify and communicate data-driven insights that ultimately influence decisions.

Not only will students graduate with a portfolio of work samples that demonstrate their range and depth of skill, but they will also be part of a larger network of analytics professionals who will benefit them now and in the future.

Program Objectives

  • Build portfolios of real-world projects demonstrating competency with key technologies, visualization and communication techniques, and the ability to translate information into recommended actions.
  • Gain a core analytical skillset upon which to layer more specialized technical skill sets or industry-specific applications.
  • Develop a relationship to industry leaders and peers so that you may leverage your Northeastern education long after your formal education ends.
  • Choose from a host of flexible programming options—all of which share an industry-defined core curriculum and a required, credit-bearing experiential requirement.
  • Anticipate and contribute to the future direction of data analytics.

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