Northeastern in Seattle offers a unique Economics program & scholarship

Northeastern in Seattle offers a unique Economics program & scholarship


Located in the charming tech-savvy South Lake Union neighborhood, Northeastern University in Seattle offers a robust Master of Science (MS) in Economics – a STEM field program with a concentration in data science – preparing students for careers within the fields of economics and technology. Not only is the city of Seattle ranked 4th for creating new tech jobs, but it’s also host to numerous tech industry giants. Graduates from Northeastern’s economics program in Seattle should expect to earn six-figure salaries while shaping the future of the industry. Now is the time to discover your new career path with an innovative masters program based in one of the globe’s leading technology capitals.

Features unique to our program:

– Short completion time in as little as four core classes & four elective classes.
– A world-famous co-op program offering the opportunity for Northeastern in Seattle masters students to experience work in their desired field.
– An Optional Practical Training (OPT) STEM extension for international students offering up to 24 months in addition to the initial OPT 12-month period – allowing up to 36 months of work in the US after graduation.

Renowned in the industry, companies actively search for Northeastern MS in Economics graduates. Many students who partake in the co-op program go on to receive a permanent offer.

Do you offer scholarships?

All students (both international and domestic) admitted to the program have the option to apply for an up to 33 percent tuition scholarship – providing approximately $15,000 towards your tuition. This offer is only available for the Fall 2022 term (the program application deadline is August 15th for domestic students and June 15th for international students). For more information, contact the CSSH department at [email protected]. Request information as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity – the sooner you apply the more likely you are to qualify.

What if I’m an international student?

International students are an integral part of the Northeastern in Seattle campus and all of our scholarship opportunities are available to both international and domestic applicants. Our MS in Economics program is STEM certified meeting F-1 status requirements for international students. The experiential learning co-op program offers a valuable avenue for international students to connect with potential employers and explore career paths with some of the world’s largest organizations. If you’re looking for more information about applying as an international student please visit Northeastern’s Apply as an International Student page for more details.

What is the faculty’s vision?

Jun Ma, Ph.D., program director of Northeastern University in Seattle’s MS in Economics recently discussed the program during a live recruitment event and said, “Students with an economics degree go on to all sorts of different kinds of jobs, most of them high paying jobs…there is a bright future for those students coming out of our program.”

Ma has published works such as the Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Journal of International Economics, and Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control. Jacquaetta Hester is the Graduate Administration Coordinator and the CSSH Department of Economics’ main contact for application questions. Learn more about both the faculty and the program.

Ma also explained, “We noticed in the past few years, or in the recent decade, that there is a very significant trend in the industry that demands more and more professionals who both understand economic thinking and possess data analytical skills.” He places emphasis on the program’s ability to predict trends, going on to remark, “…we think truly as economists and try to provide useful products by learning from where the market is going.”

Is there a strong career outlook?

Students should expect to comprehensively learn the economic frameworks and analytical skills required in the competitive job market – with Northeastern’s Seattle campus graduates projected to earn over $100,000 per year. Seattle offers thousands of data science employment opportunities ideal for students of the program. 

The high-tech data science concentration integrated into the Seattle campus curriculum prepares students for a career path centered around analytical reasoning. By studying a combination of machine learning and econometrics students gain the highly sought-after skills necessary to predict future trends with big data. 

If you’re wondering if a MS in Economics is the right choice for your career, check out What Can You Do With a Master’s in Economics, by Ashley DiFranza.

Ready to make your next career move with a world-class program taught by passionate and dedicated faculty? Check out our Academic Catalog to learn more.


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