Full-Circle Scholarship

You dedicated your time to give back to the world, now let us give back to you.

The Full Circle Scholarship offers a 25-percent tuition discount to graduate applicants who embody Northeastern University’s values of experiential and global learning. Students can use the scholarship at any Northeastern campus.

Because you chose to do something different and embark on a service-driven path, you gained new skills and valuable knowledge, and returned inspired. The Full Circle Scholarship is designed to make sure you can continue your journey and stay inspired. Northeastern’s industry-aligned graduate degree programs will help you translate the skills and knowledge you acquired into a career that matters.

Who is eligible? 

The Full Circle Scholarship is for graduate applicants who are currently involved in or have completed a term of service with one of the following organizations:

  • Peace Corps
  • AmeriCorps
  • Teach for America
  • English Language Learners (ELL) – 1 year of teaching experience abroad

New, incoming students are eligible to apply for the Full Circle Scholarship. Currently enrolled Northeastern University students are not eligible at this time.

What can I study? Which academic programs are eligible for Full Circle?

The scholarship applies to a diverse mix of 80+ graduate programs including fields such as government and civic engagement, leadership and management, education, healthcare, and technology. Please view the list of eligible programs at the bottom of this page.

How much is the Full Circle Scholarship?

The total scholarship amount will depend on the program you are interested in because costs vary by program, but the 25-percent tuition discount is applicable for the entire duration of your program. In addition, if you have other scholarships or education awards from organizations (for example, the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award), you can apply those to your program costs as well.

How do I receive the Full Circle Scholarship? 

In order for Northeastern University to verify your service, you must complete two steps:

(1) On the Northeastern University application, it will ask “Are you affiliated with any of the following organizations?” Be sure to select “AmeriCorps/Peace Corps/Teach for America”.

(2) Additionally, within the Northeastern application, please upload a letter from your director, supervisor, or program manager on organizational letterhead verifying your service. (If you are an overseas ESL teacher or volunteer, you may submit your contract showing your term of service. If you are a Return Peace Corps Volunteer, we will verify your NPCA membership.)

Contact Us:

With questions, please email [email protected].


For a list of current eligible programs, click here.

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Why is Northeastern offering Full Circle?

There are over 100,000 Americans entering non-traditional experiences each year such as Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, and Teaching ELL abroad. Not only do these people embody Northeastern’s values, but they bring unique experiences, skillsets, and passions that are valuable in both work and education. By providing these people with an opportunity to gain a graduate degree through the Full-Circle Scholarship, Northeastern University is helping them complete what is often the most difficult part of the journey: the transition to life back home.

Additional questions?

Email [email protected] to learn more and discuss opportunities available with the Full-Circle Scholarship.

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