Student Interest Groups

What is a Student Interest Group (SIG)?

A Student Interest Group, or SIG, is a group of students who have agreed to come together around a specific topic of interest. SIGs are not currently recognized as official student clubs by the Graduate Student Government at Northeastern University. They are informal student groups that are started on the Seattle regional campus. The Student Affairs office will keep a list of all current SIGs and their Officers.

Why should you join a SIG?

Getting involved at Northeastern University in Seattle is a great way to experience personal growth, meet new friends, share your interests with other students, faculty and staff. The easiest way to do so is through our Student Interest Groups!

These student organizations can help you develop skills in leadership, event planning, decision-making, communication, fiscal stewardship and marketing, while making your NU in Seattle experiences fun and memorable.

Diversity Statement

Northeastern University is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive community where individuals of all identities, backgrounds, and experiences can thrive, have a strong sense of belonging, and achieve academic, research, and professional success. Our global university system is also committed to the idea of forging connections across our diverse campus neighborhoods.

Our student interest groups thrive to uphold and honor these commitments. To see a full list of SIGs at Seattle campus please visit our Student Life website.